Backup Generator Plans

Industrial & Commercial Backup Generator Plans

Unexpected power outages can have a disastrous effect on running businesses, critical facilities, and even households. This is why the need for a backup generator arises even today. Keeping in mind that a power outage can never be predicted, many businesses and industries have the foresight to consider backup generator plans. Once you have made up your mind to install a generator on the premises of your industrial building, it is essential to consider the best possible floor plan for the possible placement of the backup generator. Industrial companies are open to building new spaces to hold the standby or backup generator to ensure that their daily operations are not affected by unexpected power outages. They prefer to have their floor plans designed by the top drafting companies like Customized floor plans go a long way in ensuring that the backup generator has sufficient space to function and does not interfere with any of the other machinery or equipment on site.

Types of Industrial & Commercial Backup Generator Floor Plans

  • Permanent enclosed generator plan: This plan involves housing the generator in an enclosure that is situated on a concrete pad or gravel.
  • Portable enclosed generator plan: This plan involves housing the backup generator on a trailer frame. This is often used in construction sites, making it easy to transport once the project is completed.
  • Generator enclosed within a facility: This plan involves placing the generator inside the facility. Since the generators need to be fueled regularly, it is essential to make sure that there is easy access to the fuel tank of the generator from the outside of the facility.

Factors to Consider on Plans 

While drawing up the floor plans for placing the generator on the site, it is critical to making sure that all the local and national laws are adhered to. Some of the important points to consider while drawing a floor plan include:

  • Making sure there is enough space between the fuel supply and building to allow maintenance works to be handled smoothly
  • The fuel truck should have easy access to the fuel supply of the generator
  • A security fence needs to be set up around the backup generator to avoid any mishaps
  • The electrical and fuel services of the generator need to be either above ground or buried underneath for further security
  • Depending on the power and size of the generator, sound suppression might be required to adhere to the local workplace noise regulations
  • Every floor plan needs to have different safety alarms as well as detectors for heat, exhaust, and fire

At the end of the day, a lot of care needs to be taken into designing a floor plan for housing a backup generator. The same care needs to go into picking out a backup generator that can offer temporary power till the power supply is back up again. SP Drafting has over 15 years of experience to help you create back up generator plans or other plans for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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