Commercial Building Plans and Design

Commercial building designs and floor plans are crucial, especially if you’re trying to lease or sell real estate properties. It allows you with a professional approach when marketing your property to potential customers. To maximize your success, allow us here at to create professional 2D plan layouts for you!

Providing Straightforward Commercial Floor Plans

Professional 2D plan layouts enable buyers to determine whether the property can cater their needs. Having an accurate, easy-to-read 2D floor plans also empowers your customers to visualize their interior designs. It provides them with vital information, such as room names, measurements, and sizes.

Thus, it saves you time from answering too many inquiries. But there are also long-term benefits for having 2D floor plans. You can use these plans to document the condition of your property before a tenant’s occupancy, as well as evaluate changes made to space at the end of a lease.

Note that you also need to present floor plans to insurance providers and security companies.

Commercial Building Design with Future-Forward Concepts

There’s more to structural and aesthetic longevity in designing a building. Energy-efficiency is as important as your building’s character.

Thus, we associate our commercial building designs with energy conservation and high-quality indoor environment. It is our duty to create complex design jobs that adhere to your city’s codes and restriction.

We do not overlook the important relationship between buildings and the health of its occupants. We believe that buildings affect us as much as we affect buildings.

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SP Drafting combines creativity and over 15 years of experience to produce world-class projects. Our architects and engineers go beyond the boundaries to redefine commercial building designs.

We employ cutting-edge technologies for greater architectural freedom. Combined with the innovative thinking of our crew, we guarantee your building looms with monumental success.

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