Structural Engineering & Drawings

Structural Engineering: Structural Plans & Drawings

A structural drawing or engineering drawing is either a plan or a set of plans indicating how a building or any structure should be built. Structural drawings are prepared by qualified structural engineers by the use of particular architectural drawings. Primarily, structural drawings outline the size of the house by determining the amount and type of materials to be used during building.

Structural drawings form the building designs to be approved by the building authorities and are useful in guiding the contractors in matters regarding details and installations in the building. Perhaps it is important to note that structural drawings do not outline details regarding the mechanical systems or the surface finishes of the structure.

Why You Need Structural Drawings & Plans for your Structure

Structural drawings are essential in guiding your contractor and engineers to understand the specific design, concepts, and specifications of the structure. On top of that, structural drawings will ensure all the connections in the structure are strategically placed accurately and with all details in place.

As if that is not enough, structural drawings will ensure your structure is built in compliance with the set regulations. At SP Drafting, our structural drawings go an extra mile to ensure that the end product of your structure is a safe, strong, and quality building that will ensure you have the value of your money.

Quality Residential & Commercial Structural Engineering

SP Drafting has been in existence for over fifteen years and as such, alongside our experience, you are assured of quality work that is deeply rooted in every single detail of your structure. Our engineers will assess your site or location and analyze all the details to give you a drawing that matches not only your climatic region but also your soil type and physical placement of your site.

The complexity of any building lies in its structural design and drawing. This is because it addresses all the small details that really matter. And since a building is just not about the overall outcome, SP Drafting will strive to provide you with a clear drawing that is easy to read as well as easy to interpret.

The blueprints of your building will be built around a firm foundation, a detailed engineering plan that incorporates all the parts of a quality building; piping system, plumbing system, lighting system among others, and above all, the specific building materials that will be recommended for your structure.

Why SP Drafting for your Structural Engineering Needs?

Structural drawings come in handy in many ways. But perhaps the most important one is the fact that you can use our engineering drawings to appropriately budget and plan for your expenditure. This is made possible by the fact that SP Drafting will give you all projections and specifically the type of building materials you will need as well as their approximated quantity. We will ensure you start a building that you are sure to complete and that you are aware of all that will be needed for input.

For more than fifteen years, we have grown to give our clients the best engineering services ever. Our team is committed to providing quality drawings and designs that emanate from trusted engineering layouts and modern designs.

Our engineers draft structural drawings that are not only clear, but also easy to read, interpret, and put in action. This will ensure your contractor and builders do not face any setback through the process of building.

SP Drafting is compliant with all modern building and structure regulations and requirements. We strive to provide drawings and plans that will be approved for you by your local building authorities.

Our services are affordable and we provide you a fast and reliable turn-around time. We strive to make every step of the way convenient for you.

Building an entire commercial structure or residential building can be hectic. We will take the burden off your shoulders in many ways. We will provide for all your details and your work will only be to build. Reach out to us today for our services that will deliver to you your ultimate dream house, just as you would want it!

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