Title 24 Energy Calculations

What is a Title 24 Energy Calculation Report?


Title 24 is a set of rules and regulations that are laid out for the construction of any building in the state of California. The complete set of Californian Building Standards Code is made up of 12 parts, each dealing with a specific category. The term Title 24, though it refers to the complete set of standards, is more of a shorthand reference to Part 6 which provides the guidelines for conservation of energy.

The Title 24 Report

A Title 24 or T-24 report consists of a set of parameters which are used to analyze and conclude about the energy efficiency that is being followed by the building that is being inspected. The main parts of the T-24 report are the Performance Report which is mentioned as five parts and the Mandatory Measures Summary which gives a comprehensive list of parameters that are monitored. Let us further dissect the two reports in order to understand the true need as well as the efficiency of the T-24 report.


A.  Performance Report

The performance report has five parts.

Part 1 consists of the Field Inspection Energy Checklist which is a complete check of the insulation, fenestration, HVAC systems, HVAC distribution as well as the water heating.

Part 2 is a Special Features Inspection Checklist which is done in case there is a deviation in the inspection mentioned in Part 1. HERS verification is specified to items that will need a field test or a verification from a HERS inspector.

Part 3 consists of a summary of the annual energy usage along with the compliance aspects of the building under inspection.

Part 4 holds the Certificate of Compliance which consists of the opaque and fenestration surface details along with that of exterior shading.

Part 5 is an extension of the Certificate of Compliance which consists of the building zone information, HVAC systems, HVAC distribution, and water heating systems which include multi-family water heating as well as hydronic heating systems. 


B.  Mandatory Measures Report

All low-rise residential buildings will have to comply with the industry measures that are given in this section immaterial of the approach that is being used. The most important measures are:

  • Building envelope
  • Gas log
  • Decorative gas appliances
  • Fireplaces
  • Plumbing systems
  • Water heating systems
  • Space conditioning
  • Spa heating systems
  • Pool heating measures
  • Residential lighting measures


Reducing the use of energy is surely a benefit for all. Homeowners can save money, California can have a better economy, the environment is not affected as much and the electrical systems are in a more stable and safe state. The standards set by the Title 24 report is expected to have a significant effect on the reduction of greenhouse gases and other air emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions alone would be reduced by a drastic number, making California a much better place to live in.  We can design and take care of the Title 24 Report for properties located in California. SP Drafting is your one stop shop. 

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