Architectural Site Plans

Site Plans and Architectural Plans: Get it Right with the Experts

A site plan is an architectural plan of a landscape that is detailed to capture a building’s footprints, the travel ways surrounding the building, the parking spaces available for the building occupants, the water lines of the building, the drainage system serving the building, the building’s landscape, its sewerage system, and the entire lighting system of the building. 

Site plans have many uses both to the engineers and to the house owners. First, they are useful in making improvements to a structure for one reason or the other. In the event that you are adding space to your house or adjusting the space, it can only be made possible with a detailed site plan.

Uses of a Site Plan

Secondly, the building authorities use site plans to ensure regulations are being followed and that no conduct is being broken in the process.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, site plans are useful in setting up block walls and fences. They allow you to see the areas surrounding your structure and determine which ones are in your jurisdiction and which ones are not. As such, while putting up your fence or walls, you get to avoid the roads, driveways, or even parking spaces adjacent to your property.

Essentials of an Architectural Site Plan & Site Plan Drawing

Site plan architecture is a lot more inclusive in its own way as much as it is complicated. Primarily it is what will provide you with a search and guidelines on the perimeters of your plot. SP Drafting are experts who will make the process easy; we get to do all the heavy work and let you handle just the building.

If you need to add any improvements or adjustments to your already existing space, we are the right people to talk to. We work fast to produce conveniently results within a short period of time, not forgetting that our rates are affordable and our services are compliant to all the building regulations in your area.

How to Draw a Site Plan

Site plan drawing is meant for the experts due to its complexity.

However, if you must draw one, the best way to go about it is to hire a surveyor or architect.

SP Drafting has highly professional and experienced personnel who have been trained to use the latest and updated software to generate a detailed, clear, and easy to read site plan for you.

We will tap into the building records and information that is available to enable us to provide you with an accurate site plan in accordance with the existing land maps. Contact us today for the most accurate and clear site plans for your structure.

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