Garage Conversion Plans

Converting Your Garage Into Live Space Floor Plans

Do you want to convert your garage into a living space?

Well, we at SP Drafting will make that happen. We are a leading consultancy firm specializing in drafting designs and plans for all your building needs. We draw expert plans for your building, addition, or conversion.

If you want to make your garage a habitable place, we will draft a plan for you to cover the walls, the roofing, and the flooring. All the essential factors will be put into place to make the process exemplary and the outcome outstanding.

Garage Conversion Plans

Initially, a garage will be an open space that is free and with minimal walls to it. Lighting will be done simply just for seeing and details like drainage and roofing will be done the garage way. There will be no detail to the heating and cooling system and the water heating system.

Working on a garage conversion or also known as Accessory Dwelling Units, will be a whole transformation of every system in place. First, there may be walls to add into the vast open area. Secondly, the doors and windows will be changed to befit those of a place habit ed by people as opposed to vehicles. The lighting will be uplifted to fit human use as will be the rest of the systems like air conditioning. Since vehicles do not need water heating and cooling systems, they too will be incorporated in this transformation.

SP Drafting garage conversion plans will entail all of the above and more. We will draw for you detailed plans that will depict all the necessary systems and include the designs that will be applicable to you depending on our location and climatic condition.

Garage Conversion Floor Plans

The floor plans for a garage conversion design will be a little more detailed as they would include a powerful drainage system, a good sewerage system, an apt plumbing system, and an advanced mechanical system. All this has to be done professionally to promote the comfort of the residents and enhance clean environments too.

Why SP Drafting?

Our garage conversion plans and floor plans are up to date with all the requirements based on your local building commission. We are compliant with the law demands on building regulations. Our plans’ prices are pocket-friendly and are delivered to you conveniently and fast. What is more, we have been in the market for more than fifteen years hence we take pride in experienced professional service.

The main goal of our plans is to ensure the safety of the tenants and help them to lower considerably the levels of environmental pollution by minimizing the greenhouse emissions. We also strive to help our clients make good use of the energy produced within their residences and by so doing, help them to greatly save on the cost of electricity and energy as a whole. Most importantly, our plans are aimed at providing residents with safe, reliable, and achievable energy even in spaces that have been converted from garages into living spaces.

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