Tenant Improvement Plans

Tenant Improvement Plans at SP Drafting

Tenant improvement constructions are almost inevitable at some point along the way. Tenant improvement plans involve much of making customized alterations to a rented commercial space by a house owner so as to change it to meet the needs of the tenant. The aim is to configure a rented space according to the needs of the tenant so as to suit the tenant’s changing needs or expand their business experiences. Tenant improvement plans usually are not limited to a particular area but may include the wall arrangement, floor placements, ceiling arrangement, an even the lighting system among other areas.

When Would You Need a Tenant Improvement Plan?

As a property owner, you will encounter different tenants in your commercial rental spaces. Let us say your old tenant is running a coffee shop business but your new tenant is an eatery business, they will need you to adjust the space to allow for fireplaces and kitchen areas to cook from. The space will need to be improved on to accommodate the new tenant’s business. The tenants will need a tenant improvement plan.

A tenant improvement plan will come in handy when the alterations and adjustments are going to touch on delicate systems in the house. If it will affect the drainage system, the plumbing, or the lighting system etc, the tenant improvement plans will definitely be necessary.

Tenant Improvement Floor Plans and Designs

SP Drafting will provide you with a professional and experienced team that will take you through developing a workable plan to incorporate all the changes to be made to your buildings. This will include the overall layout depending on the size and placement of the building, the roofing systems and changes, and also the flooring plans and designs.

Our engineers are licensed and all the plans they will draw for you are in compliance with the building requirements and regulations. The experienced architectures at SP Drafting will ensure that the energy system of the added space sync with those already in place so that the tenant does not suffer from effects of systems that have been interfered with.

Tenant Improvement Plans Package

In doing the tenant improvement plans, our experts will need to run a check on your site plan architecture to ensure that all details have been addressed prior to the building process. This is basically the general graphic representation of all arrangements regarding buildings, road drives, parking spaces, and any other structure that will touch on the specific project of tenant improvement.

A detailed site plan will reveal the complete drainage system, sewerage system, water lines, pathways and parking spaces, and the lighting system. It is through this plans that our experts will be able to make a proper tenant improvement plan. SP Drafting has specialized architects and land surveyors who will help to ensure your site plan architectural system is in order.

Talk to us at SP Drafting today so that we can make all your changes and improvements turn out as perfect. We have more than fifteen years of experience in the field of engineering and as such you are assured of quality service. Our plans are clear and easy to interpret for you and your contractor on top of the convenience of being assured that they will be approved by your local authorities without fail.

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