New Construction Plans

New Constructions: Drafts, Plans, and Designs with the Experts

SP Drafting has been more than fifteen years of experience and strives to provide the best plans and drawings for all your construction needs. Apart from drawing designs for your custom home, we also provide for your custom commercial building plans based on your preference.

Custom Building Plans for Your Home

Our experienced personnel will help you to sketch great modern building plans for your home or structure. All your expectations and details you want will be incorporated into your dream house. We will draft a plan for you accordingly to suit your every need. SP Drafting is known for its building plans; they are clear, easy to read, understand, and to interpret for your contractor and builders. We will also provide you with accurate Title 24 calculations and reports based on your local jurisdiction if required.

Architect Plans with Expertise

SP Drafting has professional architects who spear head all our architectural designs and plans. This entire process will start by them assessing your site to determine the best house design for you; our architect will advise you accordingly. After site analysis, we will then go ahead to draw a house plan based on your descriptions. SP Drafting architects are licensed and experienced in the construction industry and you can trust them to give you plans that are compliant with all regulations. As if that is not enough, we cover all aspects of designing houses; location, foundation, frames, plumbing, mechanical, structural, and plumbing.

Plan and Design a Home with Us

Our experts will ensure the smooth running of all aspects of your dream house. We go an extra mile to do any corrections that may be needed to adjust your plan. SP Drafting understands all your needs and as such we guarantee that the plans we draft for you will be relevant and compliant with the set guidelines. Our plans will be approved by your local building authorities and if there are any recommended corrections, we will work with you to get them approved. Your house will have modern systems that will help you save a lot on energy costs as well as ensure the comfort of the occupants.

SP Drafting: Best Residential and Commercial Designers

With more than fifteen years of experience in drawing plans for home and commercial property owners; our experienced personnel uses the latest up to date software in plan creation. Our services are competitively priced and we work fast to deliver your plans and designs within a convenient timeline. We understand that building new construction, whether it is a residence or commercial property, can be stressful and overwhelming.  At SP Drafting, we make sure when it comes to drafting plans we make it as easy as it can be for you and your builders.

For all your needs related to new construction plans whether it’s your new custom house design or an industrial warehouse, our SP Drafting experts can deliver. We are specialized in drafting and designing home and commercial construction. Reach out to us today and let us make your dream house a reality.