Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plans

Solar plan sets for solar panel installation

In order for your solar panel installation project to go well, you need to develop good solar plan sets. Although these sets don’t have to be thorough in outlining all the details, generally well detailed sets ensure quality assurance during the process of solar installation as well as commissioning. A fully detailed plan marks the first step when providing clients with a long-term solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Also, a functional solar system must be able to meet or even exceed performance and aesthetics requirements.

Why do you need solar plan sets

Generally, solar plan sets serve two important functions: project review and implementation. A plan set must be able to provide sufficient information that the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) can use to evaluate and permit your project to continue. The plan should also outline the information necessary to install and initiate your PV project. When integrating a PV system into a construction project, your solar plan sets must merge smoothly with construction plans. The plan set provides you with everything needed to apply for a permit and plan your project.

Benefits of a Solar PV Plan Set

A well-assembled solar plan set has several purposes. For instance, the first set can be used to show a client all the alternative design arrangements for a particular array and the accompanying budget. This phase is particularly important when working with architectural drafting firms such as SP Drafting that create solar plan sets for permitting residential solar PV installations. Such concept sets are then used to build your project, while including the necessary information and sheets.

In addition, solar plan sets can be used to pinpoint possible challenges and find the right solution. For instance, if you want to accommodate desired PV sizes on your roof, all you need is multiple elevations of your building. This will inform other important aspects like structural engineering, wiring and choice of equipment.

What are the elements of a Solar Photovoltaic plan set?

Once your project is allowed to commence, a full set is drawn up. Based on project scale and complexity, the solar plan set could be anything from a few sheets or more than 20 pages. At the very least, your solar plan should include a site layout showing the relationship between the project and its environment. In most cases, a satellite image is good enough. Other important details include a roof plan, one line electrical plan as well as structural and racking details. 

Outsourcing Engineering and design on Solar Panel Plans

Photovoltaic companies are continuously undertaking large installations, and such projects are getting much more complex with time. As a result, most states require stamps by PEs (Profession State Registered Engineer) on your project. Thus, you need to engage other players who offer engineering and design services so that you can meet all your challenges.

Many disciplines are involved in designing solar panel installation system. Thus, the PEs you are likely to work with in a project include structural, electrical and geotechnical engineers. Most installers don’t have in house expertise, so they engage PV companies such as SP Drafting as well as consultants whose job is to stamp the sets.

Solar panel sets help to make the process of installing PV systems as smooth as possible. In addition, they enable the installer to foresee likely challenges as well as determine the cost of a project. Contact SP Drafting today for competitive pricing and fast turnaround on solar plan sets. 

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